language is how we interpret ourselves

This is reverence in its deepest intellectual sense.

“Even the best attempts at explanation are only more or less successful translations into another metaphorical language. (Indeed, language itself is only a metaphor.) The most we can do is to dream and myth onwards and give it a modern dress. And whatever explanation or interpretation does to it, we do to our own souls as well, with corresponding results for our own well-being.”
– C G Jung

For example, we can call the various chemical nutrients we need to live and function, energy. And we can divide it into all of its individual components and to all of its different biological processes to describe them. But we can equally describe them as the force of life behind all life. As the chemical elements of the earth. Something to respect that is what is transferred between different kinds of life on earth in the form of what it feeds on, so that life is fueled and able to continue. Whether we describe it with facts or metaphorically, it is an interpretation of this function of life. Energy is also something of a contemporary scientific concept. But it is Prana in Indian faith. Skan in native american philosophy. Henki in finnish traditional beliefs, or Inua among the inuit people. It is that something that is transmitted between creatures on earth as they are eaten, or taken out of the ground as plant life and then consumed by us or other animals. Everything is connected in this way. And how we describe our relationships to this will ultimately constitute the view of our relationship to ourselves. And to life.