the demoniser of thoughts, people and the world around us

I have met my child, and his emissions of magical numinosity from within. At the same time I also met with my grandchild. Together we walked into the darkness. The self criticism, the monster and presiding judge in that darkness. For them it was all just pitch black. Total darkness. Because they have no independency in relation to this assault coming from beyond the tangible as products of the mind, or of its inhabitants which are made of the substance found in this world of psyche. Or from the demoniser of men in their minds, transferred to the world around us. Thoughts that appears to us as the ghosts of mankind’s christmas past. Or as our past forgotten traditional life. None of us could blame our parents. Or the world. So we first took it upon ourselves. But my grandchild also painted it for us. Talked about this anxiety and his fear of it while we met the darkness falling in the woods late this afternoon while hiking. How alive it is. I experienced once again how horrible the dark side of our self is in our demonising self-criticism. Later he drew us a picture of a monster. Thats how we can walk into this together.