About me

I am a graduated developer. And my focus is on usability and agile project methods with the web as a platform.

I’m from Norrbotten in the north of Sweden. You will find my roots in a small village north of the town Boden. And much of how I look at myself and the world around me has to do with how I look at my origin from there. But of course, there are also my parents’ origins, my ancestry to be reckon with, and its lineage is found in Tornedalen and Lapland.
I presently live close to the wonderful archipelago south of Stockholm with access to its many small islands. But even here, the northerner i have in me is constantly calling on me to make visits upnorth.

Looking at my site, everything that I come up with and publish here, can at best be seen as a way of how I experience this, and how I process parts of me with my background.

If i link to some material, it is because it moved me. It made me listen to myself. With respect to that material, i can only hope that it was its original intention.
Thank you.

And have a nice stay while you are here.

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