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The criticism we experience in ourselves behind our opinions is something that is directed at us, personally, from within our own self, which is what we then place on others because we do not really observe or recognise from where it originates. It is aimed at us. Our attitude. We really are the source of what we do not acknowledge about this. That the other in ourselves is what we protect ourselves from through other people, and the present world is what it leads to. When we criticize other people, what we really are doing or looking at, is that we are trying to defend our personal opinions against the criticism coming from within ourselves. From our isolation in parts of the human reservoir of consciousness. The point is, if that source is shared by all of us, and the criticism comes from within of what we do not like to recognize as part of ourselves, personally, for how long do we have to harm each other, the earth, and morally distort our relations to the world around us? How far do we have to go before we can begin to respect our common source of life within? What each of us is an embodied Force of, and as such an object of reverence. Because without the nature of reverence, there is only words. We lack content. Currently, the sad thing for us personally and the world around us is, that we follow people not actually for what they criticise, but because we just don’t like to carry the criticism we experience from within about our own attitude. If we identify with it, our self-esteem suffers, and we do not want that, to see that we are all bullies, that we try to replace others with ourselves, that we are relieving ourselves of our own self-criticism through someone else. That we use them as substitutes, balancing ourselves by living it metaphorically. Demonizing the world around us. People, animals, ideas. Life as psychological beings. But we cannot become human if we do not also recognize the substance of having a nature of psychological origin. There is a choice to be made. And we have to wrestle with our choices as with a twin of superhuman strength in a fight we can never win.