the substance of which creation is made of

If fathers fails to recognise the boundaries between the interior and exterior, or are perceived as authentic in it, as something we meet, imitate and strive for in ourselves through them when we are children, something we want to sculpt out of ourselves through our experiences as we move further and further into life, and they being supportive of it, then male children do not learn to complete themselves. To focus on that. Because male children identify with their fathers’ activities. How they are treated here. Our body perception and psychic maturity are founded and experienced in motherhood first, and we later create a personal relationship to the human and feminine through the mother. Men’s ability to develop through psychological experiences in relationships with women begins with the experience of our first relationship with ourselves, through the mother. That identity naturally changes and alternates back and forth between the parents. As children perceive and want to verify the mental and bodily presence even in men to confirm it in themselves through the father. As much as male children want to verify their boundaries in women’s masculinity, in their activity. Their ability, knowledge and determination. That is, in their relationship to an incorporeal world that exists independently of our personal psychic experiences. As children we need to confirm these relations in ourselves through our parents first. Because this is what later becomes the make up of our world. We have to develop a relation to our psychological ancestors, otherwise we will constantly continue this invisible work through other people by living it out in the world, since all our relations are ultimately founded on the powers of our personal psychological experiences.