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The word democracy is quite meaningless. Its a word. We denote whatever personal character traits that we like to it. So it has always been about individual psychology, to where individuals put their personal relation to inner authority, the power of their self, when they give it up for someone else. It is precisely here the word democracy is useless because personal authority is confused with external power, and more about people displacing their personal relation to themselves with someone else’s relation to how they want to be related to, and how they want to be acknowledged. That person will then become something of a substitute of individuality in between another person and what that person actually is in himself. History have shown that when people does that to themselves within the institutions of a government, replacing a specific functionality or role with that of a person, adapting to that instead of its official function, the word democracy is what is often used as something to avoid personal responsibility. To hold one’s own person accountable to ourselves, and facing that power of being. Looking at history, whenever that has happened, it has resulted in an authoritarian society. We seem to forget that it is about the psyche of individuals. When it is given up on, when people become unconscious about their own relation to the personal authority of the self, that society looses its soul. It becomes a word. But not only that, it also looses its relation to the transpersonal humanity in its individuals. And when that happens, history will repeat itself. This is what I see behind the rational materialism of our world today.