another word for religion

I believe that psychosynthesis must be the perfect contemporary term for religion today. I mean, it just fits in perfectly. And I mean it just as an application of a unifying concept to the content of the intense and self-organizing experiences we have that goes beyond our one-sidedness to exclusively define ourselves as individuals based on how we value ourselves in our physical context.
It almost transforms itself into a definition of spirituality, which is why it makes it such a good and useful choice to begin with for this purpose.

another reason why we celebrate Christmas

In contradiction to what christianity had led us to believe, and later american consumerism, I suggest that Santa Claus origin is rather to be found in the northern folklore figure of Väinämöinen, the hero creator of our world anew. And in the stories about him where he is viewed as the bringer of conciousness. A seer and creator. A bard, and the spirit of chants, songs and poetry.

Väinämöinen is thus very far from the figure we invigorate our children with today. And he has nothing to do with our present day view of Santa Claus or its Christian substitution Saint Nicholas.

Väinämöinen is connected to the foundation of the world pillar, also thought of as the “world tree” that was thought to rest on the Pohjantähti or the North Star holding up the world. This is the very star that we put at the top of the christmas tree.
The north star and its position in the sky is also what guides the noadi heroes to seek marriage with the daughters of Pohjola. Here in Pohjola the female Louhi is the powerful and evil witch queen ruling over this northern realm with her ability to change shape and weave mighty enchantments. She is a queen of great powers and she request a payment for the hands of her daughters in marriage. Without payment she will not take on any of the character traits we experience of her in the shape of them. We have to give something up for her to show herself. Louhi also sets difficult to impossible tasks to perform in order to claim such a prize, which leads to the forging of the Sampo.
The sampo is one such payment, a magic mill of plenty which churns out abundance. And abundance is what we feel when we are connected to this axis or tree. Its churning lid have also been interpreted as a symbol of the celestial vault of the heavens, embedded with stars, revolving around a central axis. It can also be seen as the eternal sum of all time and our experience of being in its constant course. The relentless circling around its axis and the churning as our inner work. The ordeals we have to go through to enter her world in between. The giving of gifts as the sampo, can be seen as an act of that personal work and of our sacrifices where we submit to the experience of her, and where we learn about her true character. We have to earn her acceptance before she gets visible go us and show us some of her benevolent and helpful aspects. The hero or noaidi has to give something up for his transference and to gain entrance into Pohjola. To be able get himself this kind of a wife. Which is done with chants, songs and poetry. By developing his creative skills. Otherwise her magic influence will seduce you using your imagination. Which is was true magic is all about in our everyday life. But maybe, if he can cope with this, she might come to his support with her magical abilities in return for the efforts as he get access to the celestial world of the heavens through her. But first the noadi hero must help to keep the world up on its pillar by some sacrifice. Because if there is no pillar, there is no wife. And there certaintly is no world.
There is also a good reason for doing all this at the time of “Christmas”. Christmas is celebrated on the winter solstice when the pillar seems to be at its weakest, and almost broken on the longest night of the year. I think christmas was originally a ceremony linked to the winter solstice. And that it is a recognition of rebirth, of creating and balancing up the world again with the help of the spirit of Väinämöinen. We are trying to assemble back the lost gift. The Sampo that has been lost when stolen by Louhi, and broken into pieces. On the winter solstice we want to show that we have submitted ourselves to the search by bringing back the pieces of the sampo in our giving of Christmas gifts, to help the spirit of the noadi/hero to enter into this purely abstract place, a foreboding forever cold land far in the north. And to meet with Louhi.
By celebrating Christmas, we are actually trying to bring back the abundance of her shared space, to access what is inside it by putting the pieces back together again and go through the trials required in trying to work with Louhi in a ceremonial way.

about the eternal child

Wthin our mind this child form is with us all the time. It is part of what we are. And he or she, is the one to bring us to the source of our being. To handle its messages. This is its true function after adolescence.
In this place we can also sense its absence in all directions, everywhere and in everywhen. We cannot disregard its mental form when we sense it without severe punishment from its objection to our ways, and a constant feeling of it being a disturbance to our normal patterns of behavior when we are not paying attention to its activity.
In its externalised form our senses constantly bring repulsive evidence of how the relation to it works in the world. Don´t take my word for it, words are always insufficient to experience. They can never describe the absolute immediacy of this relationship.
But true to this pre-formed beingness, I am deeply convinced that it is by a loss of this relationship we have come to shape the present day world around us.

Vine Deloria on education

Education in the English-American context resembles indoctrination more than it does other forms of teaching, because it insists on implanting a particular body of knowledge and a specific view of the world that often does not correspond to the life experiences that people have or might be expected to encounter.

Vine Deloria. Spirit and Reason

about my relation to imagination

Isolation is the feeling I have when I am held captive by my own imagination, like something I have memorized, or theorized about. An idea or inspiration. Or when my imagination has taken others as hostage.
It is the literalization of the interior source of my being. Because there is no other. Only how I clothe them so that i can safely control my impulses through them. Or reject them for what i don’t like about the spontaneus acts of my own imagination.
It seems to me that this is how our rational denial of the relationship to our imagination transform others into depersonalized carriers of our own personal psychic environment. And I think this accounts to much of the bad things that we do to each other, and observe in the world surrounding us. We do this to legitimize that meeting we must have with our imagination so we can participate in its experience directly.
In this sense, this reality we live in, is really a world of collective imagination.

About breaking up from being

People are so preoccupied with how they are perceived by others, about their collective appearence, and the rational concept they have of the goodness of the ideas inherent in that appearence, and that this goodness in some way must have a magical effect on the world based solely on the perception they have of this appearence, and that reality.
But none of them seem to acknowledge that they actually share the same inhumanity we have seen with the worst people, collective-isms, and ideologies human kind have so far suffered in its history.
People of this kind never seem to be able to have any authentic experience of a close relationship to the world. They never seem to appear outside of that imagination. They constantly fight dragons or befriend them in the form of ideas that are similar to mothers in a maternity relationship.
We think that we can control life with our imagination. With someones idea, ideology, or perception of reality.
But there is no relationship to being with the rhetorics of the opposites in rationality, or to life, or to earth.
Being is something we are in.

Quantum Physics and the Spiritual Mind

The mind is form, form is body.

These forms and nature seem to be one and the same thing, but seen from different perspectives: ”while the mind is being the world as seen from within, and ’nature’ being the world as seen from without (C G Jung)”, they both seem part of the world of forms as we try to imagine them.

We take counsel with ourselves in the realm of imagination wether we acknowledge it or not.

In Inuit mythology, Silap Inua (‘possessor of spirit’) or Sila (‘breath, spirit’) was, similar to mana or ether, the primary component of everything that exists; it is also the breath of life and the method of locomotion for any movement or change. Sila is believed to control everything that goes on in one’s life.

Sila is a deity of the sky, the wind, and of weather. Though identified as male, he is never depicted, and thought to be formless. There are very few myths in which Sila is a character, because he is not thought to have many personality characteristics. Sila is also the substance of which souls are made of.

The word [siˈlʲa] has meanings like “universe”, “outer world”, “space”, “free space”, “weather”.

Sila is the spirit that all things are made​​ off, the wind Indweller. Silap inua, a great spirit, he lives in everything and keeps everything separate and yet together. Silap Inua is the spirit of the sky and the master of life who gives anirniq, the breath of life, to all living things, and can take it away. In fact, the term sila has many meanings: it is intelligence, it is the order of things, the atmosphere, the world itself.
Sila is just like a casing around the earth. It is as though the earth is inside Sila.

If the elementary particles in the realm of potentiality wouldn’t form a coherent whole, the empirical world that is emanating out of the cosmic potentiality would be chaotic. However, the visible isn’t chaotic. Rather, it always appears to us as a coherent system. Thoughts usually appear in a conscious mind. Thus, the appearance of thoughtlike forms in the cosmic potentiality suggests that consciousness is a cosmic property. The universe is conscious and our thinking is the thinking of the cosmic mind, which finds consciousness in us!

Traditions embody forms and make them a living reality to the mind.

Read the full article here: Quantum Physics and the Spiritual Mind

Reflections and dreaming

After grinding it emotionally and having thought about it for a long time before writing my last post, following that, I then dreamt this.

I am watching a large crowd, and people in front of them are standing on crosses as they are taking turn in climbing up on them to imitate being crucified. There where no nails or ropes. No whipping. Everybody was clothed and being as they where in their every day life. After they had been standing on one of crosses for a while they stepped down and some other individual from this large crowd climbed up to take its empty spot. This is what everybody seemed to be doing.
My dream ended with a little boy happily climbing up on one of them just to watch what they where doing up there. He smiled at the person on the cross standing next to him as it was some kind of a play and he smiled back at the young boy. Here i woke up.
This dream confirmed to me that people of the christian faith really are crazy. They just seem to continue to do the same thing they always has been doing without thinking of why they are actually doing it.
I have always thought of this as kind of a game. An invisible social gameplay. Often just comical, but most of the time it creates unbelivable dramas in the real world.
The strange thing for me is that the majority of people always seemed to be unaware of it. They have completely lost their connection to nature.

A mask of fiction

Without any access to my primordial side, to this living connection of psychological ancestors, I will easily fall prey to shallowness and become completely preoccupied with the opinions of others.
In another sense, i will just become a walking fiction, an externalized character of what my imagination has made of conformity, the personality I have learned to be.

About the reality of ideas

Ideas have its own subjective origin and comes with a certain pattern of energy which have the ability to order and formulate experiences. And coming to terms with the origin of those patterns is of greater importance to me than any idea in itself, since it is in that origin i share my experiences with everyone else. It is these very patterns that makes it possible to share experiences as something common to us at all, because they are transpersonal in origin.
When people in the world around me is promulgating a kind of objective, or historical setting present in their ideas, often as a sort of collective validation, they are trying to justify having them and to confirm their credibility to me. I try not to get into it because that doesn’t make them more available to me anyway. I cannot see how i can apply them to my life experiences. They would just disconnect me from having a genuine connection to my own senses and to participate in my own ongoing communion with them.
The origin of most of the ideas given by the collective mind is not present, they have lost their individuality and therefore i cannot attach myself to them. They don’t have anything to do with me, or with the recognition of the symbolic reality that is coming from the creative root of the idea.

Sunrise and Sunsets

Every day i wake up, i wake up with the anticipation of learning something new in relation to life beyond itself and to creation. And every night i go to sleep thinking about what i have experienced today in this relation. Sometimes the gifts from the unseen are simply embedded in the roots of its connection. And sometimes my physical life have driven me so far off from this relation that it will make me frustrated and irritated. The sense of my being then becomes unbalanced since i am completely out of myself. Centering will be the sunset act of silent reflection listening to the self organizing process of my nature. It has its own way of protecting the unity of the self. And it will bring me really close to the energized invisible experiences i get from within its symbolic creations. It is in the essence of these teachings life is giving its true meaning to me.

the paternal essence of consciousness

The paternal ancestor experience have always emerged out of me as an unknown ever present awareness of new meanings in an ongoing flow of its own creation. It is its own sole origin, something that also appears as a left behind by time in our collective consciousness. It is the elusive primal source of creative understanding and natures own pristine power of vision. A function that impregnates the life giving receptive mother earth. And we channel him in our process of constellated energy, in the subjective origin of what we think is real. Here he is the great ancestral mystery that dwells behind all established thoughts, behind our consciousness, and in the experience we have of our conditioning by collective environments. He is the individualized embodiment of our forming and the representative energy of our immaterial rebirth since we are all constantly recreated out of his stream of metaphysical pre-conscious perceptions.

Piety is not humility

The whole of my life’s encounter with Christianity has always been to a strange form of dualism with piety. It’s like its there as a remain from an earlier christian mindset. From my earliest childhood the public world has unknowingly tried to use that to eradicate the being part of the human in me. The part that will challenge stereotyping. Even today I still recognize it in the collective behaviors of people and officials I encounter. And it is still used as a means of control with its unrealistic undercurrent of christian piety.
It is believed that everyone must follow its regulations because piety is used as a form of passive aggression to any challenge of its content. You have to pay attention and be aware of the morals of its subliminal life, and submit to its pressure of conformity, or you are to be excluded from social life because otherwise you are going to expose people to what they are outside of that piousness. This is something most people don´t really want to know about at all.
To be conditioned by this piety is to be separated from your senses and the reality of your experiences. You will be partly anesthetized. No matter what is actually done to you in the acts of this distorted goodness. You have to conform to an impossible idealism and become what they want you to be to them.
That is why I have always been kind of unsettling to people around me. I am not a mechanical piece in the architecture of official morality. That is a pious morality so abominable that it way surpasses all biblical horrors in the real world.
But still, people really think they are only good because they are pious people. No matter the drama they continuously must create to uphold collective morality in their pious life.

About leaders and followers

We know that there is something wrong with the world when we learn by a process of indoctrination, and not by having elders as teachers and leaders that are the best living examples of what the end result of our education and life experience should be. No human, in any human society, can really flower until they understand what individual components their human personality contains in a context to its society.
Right now it is more than evident that we try to accomplish this with a shattered experience of what we are, and without any unifying experience that can guide us in our psychic life.
We train professionals but not human beings. And we learn by indoctrination something that is quite different and apart from the reality of how we experience our life.
Ethics flow from the members of the ongoing life of a society, and as such is indistinguishable from its customs. It is from memorising this, we introject and copy our behaviour.

My participation in the theory of evolution as life

There is this one continuous uninterrupted stream of life from the point of view of both my psyche and my biology, when I am looking at it in a linear fashion and involving the creation of all life on earth. I habitually associate this with the idea of evolution. But the thing is, I am related to every part of its life, and to all of its various forms of biological patterns and structures. It is what I’m composed of. I am not something differentiated from this as the term species suggests.
I am both an evolutionary component of nature and an inherent psychological potential of it.

One example of my biological relation to evolution is put forward by professor Jordan Peterson, of the University of Toronto. Like humans, lobsters exist in hierarchies and have a nervous system attuned to status which “runs on serotonin”. The higher up a hierarchy a lobster climbs, this brain mechanism helps make more serotonin available. The more defeat it suffers, the more restricted the serotonin supply.
According to Peterson, hierarchies in humans work in a similar way – we are wired to live in them.

It is quite likely that biology in this sense is available to all life as universal structures and biological patterns inherent in the evolution of the physical world. And that we share common characteristics with many different parts of life. In this case as Peterson points out, we have a relation to lobsters.
Another simple example is that with our lungs we share breath with the photosynthesis of trees. And of course, the idea of evolution itself as an aspect of the world within because it is originating from that immaterial substance we call psyche in the first place. Which somehow has the ability to create itself out of matter. Here it is formed as a concept of evolution from its continuous and uninterrupted stream of imagination that we are part of as our common experience of culture and our collective mind. This is not something that has to be specific to just one species.

Transforming masculinity

This image is one of those images that in this precise moment immediately made sense to me. I just look at it and there it is. A perfect image of that nonverbal something that is going on, and you cannot really put your finger on what it is. Its meaning just hits you. And at the same time, it brings back many years of working in the presence of modern art in my head, and I realise just how far off the collective mind is from its metaphysical source. There is this great expression of confusion and turmoil searching for meaning in modern art.  But in this image, there is no confusion, it is the ascending essence of male potentiality turning itself into a psychic substance by leaving matter. What a great find!

a substantial fragment of the old

At a certain point in life we become exposed to the experience of a multigenerational being extended far beyond our distant ancestors. We suddenly appear somewhere in the process of life where we are receiving vital information from a new source, one that builds upon another kind of knowledge and on the parameters and possibilities that our personality contained up to this point in time. That part of us experiencing this change is also that part of us that has been unchanged by time. And we have learned not to pay too much attention to it for such a long time that most people are now perceiving it almost in its original or pristine state. Leaving them in a dualistic condition. This eternal part have existed there before the life of any individuality begun, and continues to exist when the life of the individual ends. But as we are in a transformation of beliefs based on the vision we have, and in an experience of assimilating our psychic reality, forging a new formation of that essence together with the presence of the older forms of our nature. This new and nonverbal sense of being will respond to our life and to other people with a world of its own. 

We are all part schamans or holy men

In a sense we all function as schamans. With our more or less involontary manifestations of inferred processes of meanings, moulding our empirical life, we do not proceed into action only from physical facts. Our psyche is what describes how our experiences is going to appear to us. And these processes emanate from an ever present primordial source with its own native tongue, as an ancestral part of our being that goes on weather we acknowledge it or not. They are not a product of our conscious intention. They are more kind of semi-autonomous. We do not invent them, we experience them. So being what we are, expressing these self-revelations of a universal and timeless structure from this preconscious psychic world, we are all schamans with a creative relationship to it, forging our link to the fabrics of life. We are becoming its statements trying to formulate itself to us in imaginative expressions outside of time, and beyond ego centric individuality. This is the substance given to physical life. The original revelations of what is present, and thought of as the purpose behind all social life.

Teachings and reality

I have always sensed that knowledge somehow has departed from experience. And that the vehicle to get in touch with the reality of our existence was lost somewhere along the way in our education. What we experience, somewhere came to a point where it no longer had any representation in what we where taught to think. And the cultural tradition that was suppose to support me with a vehicle for this communion became dormant in my being. But the connection to it did not. People having this connection, cannot get it revitalized out of any academic training to memorize things. We get energized by places and by people. Our individual reality exists in the nature of the immediate. And we experience these patterns of relationships outside the rational habit of diminish almost everything that comes from the impulses that originally generated them.
It is traditional teaching or what we call analytical psychology that will provide us with the reintroduction of our being into this process.
How can anyone ever learn to become human if they never get any teachings about what the reality of our experiences are?

About time and balance

Time is the geometrical concept we use to describe distance, and we habitually apply it to the voluminous content of consciousness. Here it restrict us to our immediate physical environment. And thus, space becomes consciousness.
Outside the concept of time, in absolute time, or universal time, time will lack its physical form and geometrical value of distance. Consequently, everything becomes related to everything else. Everything will exist, influence, and interact with everything else at the same time. Time on the other hand, will always depend on having an individual, or tangible form.
The relations we will have of our experience then, is like being in two different states of the same psychic phenomenon. But each in an individual or different time, manifest either as some sort of matter, or some kind of substance. But most likely as patterns of energy.
By relating only to time, we make ourselves solemnly dependent on distance, not on the actual origin of the experience itself.
Life can optionally be thought of as an ongoing balance between these two states.
We may think that ideas, dogmas or doctrines, are physical realities. Like objects, or “things”. And that energy, or impulses is something immaterial that lack physical attributes.
The truth is, we experience everything simultaneously. We are that reality. Ask any physicist.
Or someone in love.

What history is made of

History is the rational concept we use, to be able to put ourselves in ideas and events at the expense of experience, and to describe the actions of people dressed in an intellectually fixed reality, externalised in the substitute personality of a collective.
That is why history in the western and christian sense, may better be described from an individual and human perspective, outside of conceptual history, as a personally experienced horror of reoccuring psychopathic patriarchs, completely absorbed by the ruling principle of power. Something that is more than obvious in the grandiose imagination of globalisation and in the history of economic empires.

About reality and experience

Reality in the sense of ideas or perceptions is what you allow your mind to accept, not what you actually experience.

This can make us completely oblivious of an external reality, of what is really going on in the world from the perspective of individual experience. That which make us have an emotional and moral reaction that correspond to what our senses actually mediates to us.
Just look at the news, all the horrors they convey, from personal tragedies to state conflicts, to the destruction of our living conditions here on earth for profit.
It is what we do.
And it is not just a problem with leadership today, it is about us.
What we allow our mind to accept at the expense of our experiences.

The spirit of nature and the mind of materialism

I like to clarify what I meant previously by the creation of a materialistic, or intellectually fixed reality? Or the concept of reality as an object. A thing.
Take totemism. The kin relationship between people, plants and animals.
The concept of totemism does not explain anything. It just makes human experience an object. And as an object it does not connect to anything. Thats materialistic. There is no living connection to experience.
But if you say that certain plants and people have a kinship because they will heal you, and others are antagonistic and will kill you. You have a kinship with the spirit of that plant that is good for you. The same goes with animals. Certain animals go well together, some with people and others don’t. People have a close relation to some animals and not with others. Thats a kinship. What follows is that with kinship there is a responsibility. You have a relationship of respect to fulfill. And this relation calls for it. If you violate this relationship, it will be the destruction of the life of that experience, and ultimately it will also become the destruction to all kinship relations on which we are dependent.
This is not about ideologies or certain beliefs systems. Its about human experience and a moral obligation to our environment.

What is a zombie?

Definition of a zombie.

A person who infects everyone with his or hers addictive need to feed on other peoples flesh for the purpose of trying to materialize its dead soul and bring it back from its deathlike slumber.

Pretty much an image of the spirit of a modern man.

On the spirit of gender conversations

When i was listening to this discussion about differences in gender aggression it suddenly dawned on me what i was really listening to.
It was really not the subject at hand, or the statements made, it was the spirit of their arguments. How they confronted each other. It suddenly made sense to me what was happening.
Mr Peterson was not trying to relate any of his arguments to her. Or create a common ground of mutual interest between them. He was trying to make his point, no matter what. His arguments where non-relational and affected. They came out almost as he was being possessed. And if psychic connectivity is a feminine trait, it was clearly absent. It was not inspired as in a relation to her. To the external situation. There was no kindness or warmth in this discussion trying to bridge a connection by subject on to the other part. It was conditioned and he was opinionated and affected, and he was trying to force his arguments through without really relating them to her.
On the other hand she was trying to diminish his arguments and ridicule individual statements. She was not trying to process any of his arguments based on their own value, making this a discussion about the subject at hand. She was not into the spirit of the conversation. And if objective interest is a masculine trait, her masculinity was destroying her ability to relate with her masculinity to the arguments presented to her. She obviously sensed that she was pushed because the arguments was not aimed for her, but forced onto her. So she then appeared equally possessed, but by her masculinity, making them both have a go at each other with a kind of automatic and confrontational behaviour.
So, if it has ever been masculine traits in women, and female traits in men, this is how I imagine they would appear when they are compulsive. Animating men and creating animosity for women.
I just had to look at the spirit of a conversation to be able to see it.

Have a look.

How do we choose our world?

Outside of time we just are. We are subjectively motivated, and we follow an internal logic with its own reference to norms and value systems.
We alone are the sole witnesses to our impressions. To our experiences. Our being here precedes time and also coexists as a source outside of it. We exist in that as that exist in us. It is my original beingness. And that is something that is more valuable to me than any of the collective ideals we prefer to babysit with our ego.
Right here we are also provided with the means to participate in something that is bigger than ourselves.
It is where we reconnect to nature. To the directness of our oldest eternal settings of the psyche.
It has always been there, and we often unknowingly choose to acknowledge it by assigning transcendental values to the generalisations of someone or something at the expense of its, or his or hers individuality.
And to our horror, looking at the world, the ones least respectful of being is also the ones we seem to choose as our leaders since the shape of this world is determined by who we follow and what their relationship to being is.

About cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation is about psychological relations. It is about watering down a living relation to certain psychological contents and then converting that content into a conceptual reality. It is something that is done when we think we can access its content by rational means only. By omitting the relationship to a genuine psychological experience.
Our rational mind can only follow the natural flow of psychic life as it passes through us. But it is not from rationality it originates, it is not its source. And we cannot access that flow outside its own reality.
That knowledge is shared to us as we are going through the difficulties that surrounds it.
It is not something that is done by how we are dressed, or what attributes of a collective we identify ourselves with.
Cultural appropriation is the act of turning a psychological relation to life which does not belong to you, into an intellectual concept.

Logos is not spiritual reality

No political ideology. No literal religious belief. No -ism what so ever. Or any philosophical view, can offer any metaphysical nourishment without femininity.
It is just conceptional reality disconnected from the source of life.
We are merely babysitting some of our collectives most cherised thoughts with excessive rationality in the same sense that excessive femininity can end up with collective statements as unconditional and literal truth.

About new technologies

The problem we get with our relationship to new technologies is not the false sense of community we get with them. It is the conceptual collective reality we create regardless of the media or technology used, as opposed to our experience of being in the natural flow of life, that has its own highly apparent existence whether we choose to recognise its presence or not.

About egoism

It seems like the only thing balancing up the collective protocol and its agendas right now is egoism. But on the other hand, if it get strong enough, it will be put into good use when facing its own current madness.

A change of place

Where we were born, and with which we grew up is part of who we are. We are surrounded by that place memory and history.
When we leave this place, we also leave that part of ourselves. And in a new place, a city or maybe a town, we are going to be surrounded by new people, and another kind of ancestral memory.
We are going to be surrounded by moments and memories of a place that do not belong to us.
It is a bewildering experience from which we must find a new perspective on our individuality.
But for some time, we are going to be in this place called chaos.

About the ability to change

We can not save our own time and age, but we can give voice to its path of destruction.
This means that no real change will ever occur in a single lifetime. And if we have some pressing global issues concerning our ability to survive. How we relate to our environment. To nature. Change will not likely happen for about a generation, or some 90 years. Because our leaders decision making is not based on this long term relationship with change.

About patriotism

– Are you going to watch the game tonight?
– No, am not really interested.
– What kind of patriot are you?
(Somehow this person wanted to make me feel guilty for my personal connection to nature and the landscape i was born into because i was not taking on his interest in the game of our national soccer team.)
– ah, you mean to disqualify my experience of the landscape for not being a soccer fan?
– Fuck you.
(Now he thinks i am letting him down on having an experience of his own.)

About elections and remote decision making

There is this great strategy. And it works all the time. No matter where and when.
You take part in anything that may be argumentative between people and then just choose side, make it political.
Fuel the opposing extremes and then claim as many votes as you can as you obscure the issue by heated generalisations. Promote their automatic behaviour.
People in the northern part of Sweden have a genuine dislikeness for the remote rulings of Stockholm. So any such strategy here is really clever. It will make people forget that the bottomline, what it is all about, is the decision making made on their behalf. On regional things that they have in common, agreed upon or not. And that it is not up to any outside part to jump to conclusions. But here they are, and they are getting played to secure popularity votes that is not going to benefit them in any way, and certainly not in any forseeable future. This has nothing what so ever to do with any local interests in this region. Its about getting influence in Stockholm. And claim votes wherever it is possible to secure this influence.
So let them squabble between themselves.
Fuck strategy.
Why should we bother about the army of the dead?

National day

Today is the day we should together derive our individuality from a combination of collective identity; sex, race, social class, vocation and nationality. For some its about our beliefs, political and religious. And today we should lump it all together as nationality.
But I already have this one sense of personal identity, and it is derived from only one context. The sense of place.
So instead of crowding I think we should celebrate the land by go out watching and listening to a wonderful sunrise instead. Get in true contact with earth. With place. And really get to meet a beautiful landscape and gasp together with it in a breath of wonder and amazement.
That is what makes me feel part of something that is much bigger than me.
It is what I am sharing with my family everyday.

The entry of my being

We all belong to a place. We can feel it in our bones, when on vacation. Or watching a sunset. When we are ovewhelmed by a landscape. My sense of identity is related to such a place as a lineage to its metaphysical origin. As being part of that which has existed before me, I am this place of origins unique entry in time and space.
I am also this origins particular set of qualities and characteristics.
A collective source, like a pattern of coded forms organized in a specific expression of life.
That is the essence of my personality.
And if something in that place somehow get transferred, exploited or in any way treated in a destructive way.
It is done to me too.

A reflexion about genders

By being observant of myself and people in my surroundings I do support the psychological view that a mans impulses is by nature guided by the influences of his personal feminine. And a womans impulses is guided by the impersonal and rational distinktions of her masculine assumptions.
By nature this impulsiveness shows itself to us as having the character traits of our contrasexual side. This is how it behaves to us. And it is also how it appaears to us in dreams.
This is also shown in studies of the extremes as pointed out by psychologist Jordan Peterson. There is of course little difference in people who in their personality shows almost no differentiability. Which seems to support the experince coming from personal developement. Were developent in this sense is absent, as with children, or undifferentiated adults that show almost no distinction between themselves and others. Here, the gender differences are small or overlapping and the differentiability is experienced and believed as being small. But in the extremes were the personal differentiation is well developed and specific personal psychological character traits are domainant, as have been shown in studies of aggression as referred to by Peterson, gender differences are very evident. And they are also experienced as dominant.
But the thing most obvious to me in all the discussions about gender, seems to be that the part are always taken as the hole by the ego in its relation to this subject.
As individuals and on our own, we do have to find our way in this, as in how to relate to them both, because they play such important part for us in the total reality of our being.

The effects of life

Every one of us are both descendants to our ancestors as we are ancestors to our descendants. What we do here and now will have an affect on them both, because we are them. We embody them.
If we don’t take care of the effects our collective life has on them now, this is what it’s going to be.
It does not go anywhere.
It is us. Our life.

The world we live in

We all have a unique and individual expression of our being embedded in our dna. And some part of it is also inherited from a cultural conditioning behaving as a connection to a cultural past. When it unfolds in our spontaneous expression of being it will have its own pre-established way of presenting itself as imagination.
Its in our blood. And it is really not in the physical world. The struggle we have with this are within ourselves.
It also constitutes an individual form of danger when we by a collective, by corporations or governments, without a connection to our being allow ourselves to live out all kinds of interior worlds of imaginative self interest onto other people. We will then become a danger both to people, and to the world.
What we are doing to each other then, to this otherness, is trying to mirror and replace the within in other people, with that of our own, and then try to morally justify our actions by the submission of other people. As if a loud voice or forcefulness was an argument in itself.
And if they do not agree to this. We bring our war to them.
This will now become our world.

About collective regression

When we were forced to believe in what was written down, and not in what we hear and we can see, we were also forced to separate our physical life from the experience of our transpersonal life. Our imagination were taken from us, and we got driven out of our selves and forced to replace it with someone else’s perception of being. It is still happening to us. We are still living with this collective threat on individuality everyday.
The doubt this creates is what separate us from our beingness, and that is what make people so confused.