about leaderships and its wars

Once again we find a man who gathers his influence and self-proclaimed greatness behind patriotism and the sufferings of others. It’s about our male ego. About reinforcing it, because its total dominance in the sense of its control over our moods and emotional life is threatened. It will oscillate between an inflated sense of omnipotence and a sense of being constantly questioned by self-pity, and of an excessive need to control everything and everyone. It does not know that it is questioned from within. From our individual need of psychic birth. How many times can we allow this to happen to us before we understand what we are giving up on in ourselves. It is our lack of character, and the pain of psychic ignorance. That lack in ourselves which creates the leaders we get. It is what we neglect and fail to recognise in ourselves that we support in people and leaders around us. This is how we create our own sufferings. It is about our own reality. What we want it to look like. Is this it? The commitment to grow and mature falls heavily on each and every one of us and our conflicts reflect what we hide behind our naive ways of relating to our psychic reality, what we do not want to see, and what we force others to submit to in our place. How much suffering do we have to inflict on others and go through before we have had enough? Before we pay attention to our own psychic ignorence.

We come to a point in our lives, in our teens, where Sarakka calls out to us. She is also called the “woman divider”. She comes with a sense of separation, where our inner sense of the whole we have been in is separated from our outer life and forms our first experience of the whole we are in as something both of an individual experience, as a common calling, and a collective one. Our ego itself can no longer maintain it as part of our external physical reality. It must give it up and face it as an experience in itself, as an intervention and a requirement for participation, as psyche. The conflicts the ego creates are what happens to us when we do not find a way to go through with it. When we do not find the psychic courage to face Juksakka’s direct intensity and powerful natural authenticity. Because she absolutely demands it of us. Either we meet her terms or our ego goes to war with itself. We desperately need to put the bear inside of us at rest. In historic and psychic time this is the traditional ritual context where the bear hunt found its meaning. As a result of negotiating with our instincts it makes Maderattje visible to us as the source who provides us with our primordial psychic environment, beyond our fathers and external authorities, and maderakka embodies it as its relation to our life. As an extension of this process, radien-niejta appears as a psychic consciousness experienced both in the extent of her outer bright energetic aspect, as well as in her dark reclusive side as saivo-niejta. Her appearence connects us with our inner companion and its relationship to the original cosmic totality with all its living forms and elements of potential life. Something whose source makes itself felt within us at the same time as it is everywhere, in everything around us. A dream I had tells me about this; I am behind an electric fence that consists of two thick cables. Out of an sami hut made of earth, earthmother comes out in the sunrise and greets it with her arms in an angle, palms up. I cut the thick cables in the electric fence and step out on the other side. From a mountain side I see two people coming down towards me. I walk ahead to meet them. It’s a young couple. I show them my packing on the snowmobile trailer that I have. Some time has passed since I had this dream. But I now realize when some time has passed and I am writing this, that what this dream was tryng to show me, what it meant was that I still had some work to do with what my packing contained. But the couple who came to meet me were radien-niejta and radien-giedde.