the indoctrination of the ego and its creation of hierarchies

I have come to a kind of understanding of how the ego works and creates hierarchies. When other parts of us, through our emotions and moods put our ego under pressure and we fail to pay attention to them because the ego’s first reaction is to try to control this experience and maintain order, since it undermine’s the ego’s special position and causes it to begin to oscillate between an omnipotent oppression of that which is conveyed by the whole, and that which it is absorbed by in the feeling of anxiety and self-pity coming from its loss of dominance, because it is through the flow of the senses that we are in contact with our original inner whole. But the ego sense itself as being this wholeness. Our ego experience doubt now and make us feel questioned “from the outside”, which is the inner whole it has distanced itself from. This is where the mindset of hierarchies come in that differs from a traditional or indigenous attitude. They always seem keen to maintain this connection. But in our absence of a wholeness the ego begins to try to arrange its value and meaning according to the “sense” it has of how it is perceived, and how it can control this inner contradiction that has arisen through its suppression of the original whole as it is conveyed through others. No other ego is then allowed to exist in itself, but must be subordinated to only one, its own. This in order for it to be able to protect itself against the intervention of its own experience of what this wholeness contains. The ego does not perceive that the doubt, the emotional moods it encounters come from within the sense of a whole that it is part of. That it cannot control it because it is outside of the ego’s reach. The ego exists inside it. It is bigger than the ego. The omnipotent ego therefore tries to bridge the sensed distrust from this grater whole by trying to prevent it from occurring in an environment that it can control. In this way, through an oppression of its surroundings in a mixed reality, it tries to absorb and control its doubts through others, and the feelings and moods that it perceives as threatening, to create an order for how this whole it is surrounded by should be allowed to be expressed. It tries to calibrate the other existing ego’s from what kind of independence they can be allowed to have, and position them in some kind of controlled relation to the uncertainty it experiences from its contact with the greater whole. Hierarchies are its way of systematizing what expressions they can be allowed to pass from them to be able to control what it perceives as threatening. The dominant ego must keep a distance from, and objectify the influence from our emotions and moods in order to maintain some kind of artificial relationship to the frightening original whole that exists in and around all of us, if its naive rulings and romantic dominance is to be maintained. But it cannot acknowledge the existence of other ego’s out of fear of losing its exaggerated significance and having its sensitivity exposed. The capriciousness of its defense will therefore be a psychic danger to the environment it oppresses, and from this emerges all kinds of distorted authority and disturbed followers. From small groups, and families, to large companies and countries. At its core, its about our psychic health, about the sense of feeling whole.