the process of exploring beliefs

In order for us to develop into humans or grow in any sense, we must seriously acknowledge both the phenomenological psychic background, which is the direct enlightenment we receive through the wordless processes that organize and structure our experiences, and at the same time also take into account our individual ability and personal history which spontaneously formulates us in substantial terms, and then also makes them realizable to us so that we can meet them and reflect on them in our lives, no matter what tools the ego uses as inspiration to be able to work with them. If not, we lose touch with our senses and become trapped in the definition of reality that the ego makes up. This in turn disconnects us from feeling involved in the greater context that influence us in our lives. This is also something we like to see in leaders around us so that we can trust the decisions they have to make in our place. Unfortunately, these qualities are seldom provided by our leaders as an example for us to trust, but we are left out in their uncertainty and confusion. If we grow up with it and it is conveyed to us by our parents, this confusion also becomes our own. We will not have access to the parts of us that in our relationship to ourselves put us together with others in a larger psychological context. We will lack a personal background that can safely convey our impressions, nor will we respect it in others. In the worst case, we feel completely disconnected from the psychological environment in which we live. Which also gives us a possible explanation for why our ego can so literally and devotedly identify with and follow, or detest people in leading positions.