children are constantly recurring victims of our inner struggle

We find authoritarian men recurring over and over again throughout our Western history. For these men, when they have achieved everything they could possibly dream of, the only thing that remains in the end is the original abuse that their ego has experienced. It is then a matter of they in their adult roles and in leading positions can return to that connection within them which has once been broken, and which has driven them all the time. But instead of devoting themselves to re-establishing that contact in themselves, they act it out once again. In the worst case, they live out the abuse their early egos experienced in the loss of the embodied whole they were separated from because their parents suppressed it in relation to the young ego who identified with them, and who was thereby separated from its own interior background by their suppression of it. That distorted relationship to the psychic background was then transferred to the child and to the young man. In his life then, he will repeatedly act out the exaggerated role his ego has been given in relation to his inner whole. And he must constantly compensate for the initial loss in that role. Even though he might have achieved everything he has sought after. His mind will always come back to the original scar as he ends up behind the turbulence this have constantly arranged for him, and to the psychic void that awaits him there. This leaves him with a choice between reflecting on what has driven him so far, or creating a way to connect to the struggle that his ego is waging within him towards his original whole, transferred to external conditions. Such a man has no problem constantly destroying what he has built up, moving on and repeating it again. And if he is a leader on the world stage, he can even start a war. The experience we have of this, is the struggle we all carry within us att some time in our lives. But the scale of the damage this has done to us is almost impossible to fathom in its awfulness. Even during only one single generation.