sources of power and mind

This is a description of the journey the I or the “ego” have to embark on. For me, It has also contained many encounters with a bear, the raw uninhibited instincts that I encountered in my dreams. But the primordial whole, which the ego perceive itself as belonging to, is putting the ego under tremendous pressure along the way, and its relation is constantly becoming judged by how genuine that connection is to it. Using Sami terms and descriptions, makes it possible for me to describe the experience of how different levels of saivo or psychic motives behave, such as jabme-aimo, and routta-aimo when they enter our lives. They are as real in them as in the impressions we get of them as interpreted in psychological terms and descriptions. My reality appears in its own context beneath them regardless of the typological preference I use to describe them with. In themselves they constitutes an interface, and the personal surface to several levels of a growing experience and integration of meaning to our consciousness. But the raw first experience is still going to hit us as a violent psychic turbulence. A storm of mixed emotions and moods related to both people around us, to relatives and to ancestors living in our psychic background, as to psychic sources of an older more abstract and intense form of energy. Depending on the attitude of the ego, we might even end up in routta-aimo. I ended up there on several occasions. It is the realm of anxiety, emptiness and complete hopelessness where we really have to give up on how we look at ourselves and others. An intense psychic breakdown there forced me to change. Because saivo had to be thoroughly accepted to become a living reality. To become something that we are in which actively affects us. And there we have to meet Uksakka, the woman who makes us acknowledge her moods as ours. Which makes us see, and listen to our own and others’ integrity. We also have to meet Sarakka, she who makes us feel our inner cleavage, a split between the actual and psychical, and an emotional separation between the ego and the original whole it is in. Juksakka also enters with full force and demands us through her directness and unquestiability to be absoluteley genuine and stand up for the truth the whole conveys. Maderakka also appears in the experience of our second birth. She connects us physically to earth in a psychic symbiosis. Our inner person and companion begins to develop, to grow in the physical connection it has to nature in which this relation deepens. Maderattje also appears. He who is the very source of our descent, the primordial psychic image we have of us apart from any external authority, it is the context and pattern our origins has formed that makes us identify with what characterizes it in our charged visions. Suddenly, radien-giedde and radien-niejta becomes apparent here as the interaction we have with our psychic world. Radien-niejta, our psychic consciousness appears to us both as the one who creates and produces our inner being that leads us to the whole, and as saivo-niejta, our withdrawal, and disappearance into her psychic reality, and the content we experience in the abstract vastness of the night sky, of stars, planets, of the timeless cosmos itself and its boundless body conveyed to us by radien-akka. She who gives physical form to the underlying field of energy contained in everything, and to the original abstract forms that appears from the ever-recurring processes that are radien-attje. Radien-niejta leads us to our sense of a whole. We can meet it in many places in nature, as she intervenes in our life, such as the sources of power and places that where we are drawn to. In the mountains, table-lands, by lakes and streams, in the forest, everywhere where nature itself attract us to them, often marked with unique and eye-catching features. This is where we enter Saivo, the psychic realm, and the Places that have an inherent power that our senses experience and communicate with. These power centers was once marked as sieidis. Our interaction with the experience of this totality is also referred to as meahcci or meahcci’s, it is the daily interactions we may have with them.