the individualized existing into all things

If I penetrate deep behind all cultural layers, behind all political, philosophical, scientific and metaphorical notions, into and behind all our stories, our impressions, ideas, images and visionary experiences, and observe them as events that are transformed and embodied within us in their purest and most untouched form, then these processes behind them, as when they are made conscious must be what is called psychology today. The underlying energy that carries them, studied in physics, is also that which is nature itself, the cosmic body of energy that interacts with us, and formulates itself within us, regardless of how we in a historic sense like to describe them. An energy that when it formulates and emerges is charged within us in a varying degrees of tension. Of course, I experience a kind of constant confusion around it, because everyone just like me tries to describe what this is with the same content that it produces. But there is also an experience of a higher order that assembles them and makes them go beyond what they are in themselves in the intermediate area that constitutes the space that exists between all that is. And then it becomes very important to understand how important our ego’s relationship is to consciousness in this context. Words as objects simply cannot do justice to the experience I have of the content received by my senses there.