life has a connection of its own to us

People around me are images of what I imagine. I dress them with the experiences I have of my impressions. Just like dreams do without me as an intermediary. With dreams, it’s the other way around. They dress my experiences in the images that they form and transfer to me. In this sense, all there is, is images from our dreams in our daily life too. They warn us in our nightmares and present themselves in a greatly increased sense of psychic energy. If we stop listening to what we see in others, and what our dreams see in us, our connection to life get lost. This is what turn our lives into a nightmare. We get stuck in endless repetitions that makes us blind to both ourselves and others. We are lost in jabme-aimo, our personal unconscious world, and are overwhelmed by the intervention of saivo-niejta, the dark aspect of radien-niejta where we are not aware of her influence over us. If we completely ignore her trying to connect to us we get passed into routta-aimo, a psychic world of anxiety, hopelessness and despair where we, not knowing what is happening to us, are judged by our connection to radien-attje. The sense of wholeness we have within us and which at the same time also is what surrounds us. Radien-niejta is she who unites us with our inner companion, who show us what we are, and who connects us to the origin of psychic life and the constant emergence of creation. In this way she also unites us with our experience of our timeless origin, and a relationship to the constant rebirths of the personality of an ancestral instructor, and of what we call soul migration. She keeps within herself the experience of something resembling a soul in everything, a psychic symbiosis like a world-soul, which leads us to the fundamental all-encompassing elements behind all there is. It sounds overwhelming but it is an everyday experience. The difference between people is how we retell our experiences, if we seriously acknowledge this or not. For the most part, we just live it out in others through our expectations of them. In our personal conflicts. But we can also see it in the personal turbulence that lies behind what shapes our world events when they are reflected back to us in the most vivid way. But seen from our sense of a wholeness, with the synchronous logic of meahcci, usually in an abominable way. In ancient times, this was what the saivo teaching was all about.