the power of the unseen

It is really a personal social problem on a global scale to stand up for, live out or befriend what individuals, or individuals as groups or individuals as a society do not want to acknowledge and therefore reject. We constantly let others suffer for what our morality and its circumscription excludes, and what we like about ourselves reflected back to us by someone else to make us feel good about who we are. Which another person then must live up to in order to gain our personal appreciation and recognition. Which, of course is impossible. No matter how hard we or they try. Once entangled in it, we will always be caught up in the spinning of the righteous. No other than our own isolated ego is then allowed to exist in there because we want to include and control everyone else’s sphere of experience as well. We judge others only out of what our narrowing ego’s ideals may accept or exclude, no matter the circumstances, and we throw away that which is not allowed of us to “the other”. We deceive ourselves into believing that it is our I that is the sense we have of the whole that we are in and is projected onto us, but it is actually only a very small part of the experience that it conveys.