a personal view of Maderakka and Maderattje

The Earth Father is the psychic relationship we have to a physical experience within us of an embodied metaphorical presence to Mother Earth, which is his relation to reality as an outer envelope with nature as his clothing. They are the ones who together transfer a psychic presence into a physical feeling. Without them, we could not have a relationship with the world. It would only appear as a continuous stream of observations without consciousness or meaning to us. No ego or I would ever exist without this relation. Existence would not be felt or experienced by anything. Nothing would ever be related to anything else. Everything would just be something in itself without any connection to anything. Our existence would lack content and only be appearance and witnessing. There could not be a sense of an expanse above this either. As when we look up to the vastness of the cosmic mother, to she who is the deep sense of the night sky and the conception of its immeasurable content. Of her spouse, the source of all the energy that forms into matter and make each living a “thing”, a psychic image of the unimaginable cosmic background, which they transform into this life as we know it.
Reality is for the most part experienced and its energy exercises an interaction with what it is embodied by. With biology. Something that the medical world can only influence and suppress but never understand. We cannot exclusively meet and treat all experiences medically. By “medicalism” we will never understand its content or work through its significance.