words are not a beginning, it is a transformation

I am brought up with a belief that our innermost nature and our true being appears as forms, and that these forms appear as physical structures of thoughtlike concepts in our mind, not as things that separate us from them, but as forms of energy that we are a part of as much as they are part of us. These animated forms are not words, like I am not a word. They are the living reality beyond words. Words do not create our experiences. They turn them into things. By words we think we create the world anew, but the world was already there, right in front of us, and it is still going to be right there regardless of the words and ideas we use to separate us from our experiences of it. It is what we are. With words we transform the world and ourselves into different kind of ”things”. To objects instead of beings. This is what characterizes the view we have of our nature, and of people in our society today. Christianity has caused great harm with this. Not just to people in the north by introducing this “wordview” as a replacement for what already existed there. It is one of the reasons that people suffer from the sickness of alphabetism, and the belief that we may force ourselves into an existence by words instead of our sharing of beingness.