Our life is an imagined life

Every person essentially exists eternally in a timeless realm between two worlds. This eternal part existed there before the life of the individual begun, and continues to exist when the physical life of the individual ends. It is the being of us that is part of the flow of life itself, and it is this part we share with all life. In this way we become connected to everything. It is what we are made of. Thats why people with an indigenous or traditional background have such a respect for life. They constantly acknowledge and share this middle realm in the present physical world. They know we are all part of it. That we live in a world which essence makes everything primarily “interiority related”, and that this has its own inherent context. In this sense, everything we can really say about this experience is expressed by our imagination. And the way we choose to depict it is how we try to make it human to enter life and come into being. This is how we try to find our relation to the “soul” of the world.