where to find a way of recovery of our personal space

Listening to the quarrels in the current collective space of projected narcissism, and to the politics of a lost cultural memory, which is the reality as it is conveyed by today’s journalism. Is to listen to how we add our personal problems to our shared space and then merge that with our collective individuality. By further adding to this mixed up complexity, we blend the unprocessed reality of our interior space from which we are cut off, with other people’s personal problems and lost sense of having that beingness. We then try to recruit others to a cause where there is already too much of a “cause”, and hide our loss of being a person in our own right in social issues where we then constantly try to recruit more and more people into our own sense of isolation, and then spread this madness around us in our sufferings and lack of genuine relationships with others on a personal level. No one really asks the important question; How do we bring our personal values ​​as individuals into our social sphere, instead of constantly trying to create the fear that this space will become violated by us and others, acting as recruiters to some cause, where we just isolate and distance each other further from the reality and experience of our own true nature. Which is the flow of psychic life that lives in everything, and all things are made of.