communicating beyond the essential privacy of individual subjective experience

We have these presences which formulate our energy when they accumulate over time. They transform our experiences of individual consciousness into a living existential confirmation of cultural imagination when they emerges and come into being to embody this nearby realm from which all beings originate and visit us. They are our forgotten ancestors beyond what our thoughts want to accept about the interior reality of this world. We are standing on the edge of our collectives lost memory, but we still carry its traditions like a second identity, or angry twin, showing us a direct connection to these forms of life and a world of nature. On a personal level, they are most often manifested when our creative impulses are compulsively transformed into facts, or into a policy that we materialize by turning them into impregnable ideas, which are accompanied by the raw instincts of our nature that we ignore. This is the reason there is a constant revolt inside all modern societies. It is this petrified human view that will also ultimately always leads to its collapse. I think it is about individual mental hygiene. This angry and frustrated twin is the one who is telling us if we are losing contact with our true nature. If we do not respect the processes of transforming imagination to culture wherever it occurs. Because he is the offspring of mother earth, and without a relationship to her, he will roam around in the wild without any close contact to real human relationships. No wonder he goes crazy and doesn’t trust people.