The vertical system of the world

When it is incomprehensible that the transforming of imagination to culture is natures vertical system of the world, or interior pillar, that we are not restricted to the one-dimensional horizontal world we are custom to, and that a vertical cosmological image of an axis involves a conception of a break in the homogeneity of the world as an opening of a passage between different states of our psychic life. We loose the representation of what makes certain places special to us. We loose our connection to life and to earth as we enter it from a world within in adolescence. With this axis, we transform our world. This is expressed by the communication we have with it. Because it forms an important link to our reality. Today this image contains a view understood only as hierarchies in collective individualism. But hierarchies are distorted projections of this image as a center of our world which connects people both to the above and to the world below by reflection. We live and travel up and down on this axis, and we find people along its entire stretch. This is our opening to transcendence and to a vertical world of a naturally maturing consciousness. But as long as we see this system of the world not as a dimension of having access to a psychic realm beyond projected narcisissm or collective individuality, but as something material in the sense of socio-political or philosophical ideas forced on people around us, we will not have this kind of communication with ourselves. Because behind all our different combinations of hierarchies is this experience of a center, a world that lies around an internal axis that we climb up and down together. This vertical climb does not depend on any combination of collective identities such as gender, race, social class, profession, nationality or religion.