the unfolding depths of totality

I have always had a relation to a kind of source in a middleness as a part of a relation to infinity. A space that existed before everything. It’s like an interior non-empirical realm that doesn’t consist of material things, but of forms from which everything then emerges. Its like a part of us is the offspring of a separation between that unfolding space and nature itself. A beingness where our model or preformed original individuality appears. Creating this expanse together with a true relation to nature, and to earth itself whose forms appear as physical structures of thoughtlike concepts in our mind. Its like experiencing the living reality behind imagined creation as the vertical experience of the flow of life in an opening to the universal depth in its perceptivity of influence and inspiration. A kind of beginning caused by the union of a psychological space that all things are made​​ of, and the very substance of which every psyche is in its material form, in Mother earth. In relation to them there is this personal being. Our duplicate who lives in the world of the middle as a child, and it is tied to every person in a kind of fate. But the influence of this expanse and ”our” relation to earth cling onto one another in an eternal embrace, leaving no space for our individuality, for any light and air of the world to get through. Consequently, this interior twin, this child, is trapped in their eternity. Fighting for air and for beingness. This is the empirical world as an emanation out of potentiality. These forms of energy are very real, even though they are not immediately visible to us, but they have the potential to appear in the world and act in it. Ask anyone in love. Or anyone who is opposed to something. It is the interior world of our imagination which transforms itself into culture by our actions.