The workings of our shadowchild within

The lost space we have within is most clearly visible today in our expectations of individual athletes and competing teams. It is also the driving force behind our politicians and their followers. Our repressed and affective child, or being, which we are a duplicate of, acts on our behalf as if the athlete does what he do for him, not because of an appreciation of what the athlete actually do for his own sake. All teams’ support culture is based on this child’s expectations of the team in the same way as if the team is competing for them. This is the case in politics as well. This child have expectations on how politicians compete with their convictions. But beyond the party line’s ideology they are all actually just officials in a position they have temporarily been assigned to, to lead important community services. They are there for everyone else. Regardless of what personal ideology or beliefs thay have. Journalism highlights this very clearly. But unattended, this child will make us think that our impressions and actions are the same. That other people or “beings” do not exist. Just our expectations of them.