when the identity of personal properties becomes a disturbing factor in someone or something else

A “crazy” person turns everything into opposites. Both on a personal and collective level when he, or she act this out on other people. Anyone may be turned into an opponent which has to be confronted as part of an opposite. In politics, it is believed that this is for the good of all. But it only serves its own self-interest, or the preferred “good” side of an opposite to which we want to identify ourselves with. This is repeated almost everywhere in today’s society. People become addicted to self-interest. But our personal qualities, both what we like about ourselves that we relate to in others, and our own unavowed mistakes that we reject in them, are not to be found there. This is us embodied in them. They are our makeup mirror. And if we really look into it, we can see ourselves, how this works, and what excess of ourselves we transfer to others to carry around for us. Whether we like it or not, it’s really there. That’s the nature of the evil we let go of in the world. It is what we are.