when our mind is sacrificed it creates matter

The great source of consciousness and nature’s laws in Sami is radien-attje. Experienced as the one who is the vaulting of the sky, and the all-pervasive mind who is the cosmic casing around the earth that elicitates and energizes all life forms. The life force itself in all there is, and the nature of thunder while he is making out with the earth. But he himself is without form and made out of pure consciousness. He is that which regulates, advise and controls all change. The transcendental content of raw uncontaminated mind which is what creates a unity of himself in everything that is as he transcends all experiences of consciousness beyond all words and explanations. Like a non-attributive evolutionary awareness that neither produces nor is produced. Yet he is the primary component of everything that exists and the intersubjective recognition in which other souls are made visible. He is the one who lives in everything and keeps everything apart, but still together. He appears as the organizing principle behind things, in an intentional spontaneity and in the inspiration that sacrifices itself to matter for the constant creation of our world. He is not a god but a presence, an intense psychic experience of consciousness in the totality of its inconceivable magnitude, something that is constantly present and affects us everywhere, in everything and everyone, all the time. He is what we can only face by ourselves, alone and separated from others, and in the presence of nature that will calm down our constantly changeable and anxious ego. Which also means that we have to meet it on our own terms, together with earthmother, Maderakka, with what she has to say. I think that is why all indigenous peoples in one way or another have traditions that support this type of personal retreat, which conversely also reflects our need to spend time with ourselves, to have a solitary communion with the between. Which explains why such things as vision quests and initiation rites became part of their traditions. Most types of withdrawals reflects our need to spend time alone. It is a call to us to start pay attention to it. We are so confused and preoccupied with what the ego wants, that we got separated from our original whole, and we have forgotten the role it plays there in connection to our mental health, because the connection to our shared totality is something we cannot fix using pharmaceuticals. For better or worse, it’s all about whether we can endure the influence the totality has on us that everything is a part of. Because it is what connects everything with everything else.