we are something that is constantly going on in everything around us

In addition to inspirational and metaphorical life, the dichotomy within me have created a kind of peace settlement between two ways of relating to life. The psychic world that designs and superimposes all my life experiences, and its parallel, the entirely external objective one, where the external reality is based on the requirement to be able to translate the psychic world in terms that can be adapted to everyday life, which regardless of the metaphorical life will make the inner person more relevant and involved externally. It is like consisting of two characters in a timeless internal duel, a struggle between two approaches that now alternately motivate each other. An outer one-sided objectifying one, conceptualizing everything in contemporary terms, and an inner spontaneous, processing and ordering one. Both equally real and in constant translation between each other.
Therefore it make no sense to unilaterally advocate just one side of them, people who do that do not realize that the evolutionary idea that they so stubbornly advocate or oppose is in itself the ongoing translation between these two extremes within us. Something we experience as the flow of life into matter. Of its potential which grows and develops. But without us recognizing this duality as a conflict we will constantly externalise it due to the contradiction life in translation creates within us, and that it is an interaction that takes place within existence itself, that it is the evolutionary process that is constantly going on between the potential and the actual both within us, and in everything around us all the time. If we only identify with one side of this, that will make us become idealistic, insensitive and cruel.