the basic matter of two ontological realities

There is a Sami word, meahcci, which is related both to psychic events, and to social experiences that creates an external context of an instructive purposive other order. It can also be described as what we in our daily lives focus on in our relationships where the larger consciousness has a common meaning to us as it is part of what is simultaneously experienced and mutually supported by all of us. Which means that the intervention of our own ideas and feelings, no longer alone determines how we imagine the world around us. This universal presence, and how we relate to it, do not stand in the way of the awareness of what emerges there to other people around us. It becomes what it is, a common ground for both social interaction and to personal relations of an ongoing creative transformation of psychic life. If I am not being aware of this, it is only my ego in its separation from my psychic context and our original whole that motivates how I relate to others and to the world. It wanders around in all sorts of ways without ever knowing what to relate to. Or it goes mad and try to relate to everything all the time. But it is lost without its relation to our psychic sense of a totality. It will have no connection to life. We become noticeably aware of this when our surroundings in different ways relate to our conscious content as if it somehow belonged to them. As if our spontaneous processes in some strangely distorted way are not allowed because they do no exactly match the ideas or the emotional content that emerges within them, and that that content then must perfectly match our’s without any of our own varying individual characteristics at all. This is the basis of the authoritarian behavior in all of us, and the reason that we try to dominate and suppress others. Also, it is here we discover that it is only our ego that matters to us as we try to decide for people around us how they should relate to our world, to our imagination and to our veil of matter, as if our views, or our connection to this is the only one they should have to life. We are all a living psychic hypothesis, an interpretation of a versatile form whose origin is constantly repeated by life, something that has recurred again and again since the dawn of man. It is the potential we refer to as personality. If we do not pay attention to this, we are literally just living half of our lives. The second part has a character on its own whose characteristics are not given from the context in which it find itself. It may instead seek its natural expression in something that has a completely different and much older origin than that which our current environment provides. This is why we suddenly discover that we have become receptive to the spontaneous outlet of the feelings and ideas that create. We discover our other side. Our relationship to it, and that how it tries to speak within us is not at all a given by the world of thought that surrounds us. On the contrary, it may find its own natural context in something that has a much older origin, because its personality in a traditional sense, is an ancestor with specific personality traits that are characterized by the information it conveys to the person to whom it has returned, regardless of that persons willingness to listen to what it has to say. But most importantly, it’s not something we should pretend to be, it’s someone we can learn something from. Because we still live in this world and do what we have to do, but that has something important to say about our relationship with it. Something that does not always depend on the time we spend living in it. Obviously, this character is something that no one else can tell us what it is. It must be experienced and communicated with personally. It is unique to each and everyone. We can get help with that. But as long as we do not respect it, the world we have around us will always be just an outlet for our frustrations.