our ego is part of a broken vessel scattered throughout the land

Everything is related and part of a totality everything else is also a part of too. It is revealed to us through the emerging character that develops within us. But the ego and its many faces have a way of privatizing what it is. It belittles it, and for its own convenience try to make it the size of its own smallness in its relation to a consciousness as great as a cosmos in creation of itself. The ego do not relate to it as being part of what that is, and to the reflection our consciousness has of itself. Or that the information given is part of something larger than the ego that belongs to a shared consciousness in its sacrifice of itself, that transforms mind into matter. Which means that much of the information we receive is intended for that which is beyond the ego, and common to all people, which develops our being there regardless of whether we attend to it or not. The ego will always oppose this, but with age reluctantly come to recognize itself as something that is part of a consciousness that is much larger than the privacy created by the ego in its creation of its smaller egocentric world. But outside of its smallness, we will come to discover that we have a relation to something older and much wiser, that is constantly speaking to it and give it directions.