the operating principle of change

There is a personally experienced dimension that leads us to an awareness of a much larger shared whole that in an incongruent way puts everything together. The personal extention to which the ego relates, is also the space that shows us the characteristic features this timeless energy has when it speaks to us. But beyond the place of the personal events surrounding the ego is the experience of the physical strength and supporting realm of nature as a perceptible expanse on its own terms, who is always nurturing the ongoing transformation of an instructive purposive psychic order. If I were to use any terms for this that had not already been loaded with a specific meaning, it would be anthropos and anima mundi. They are like old role models for the intellect, that aggregates the experiences we have of what is constantly moving around within us, or what is thinking in us, the events that has its own predetermined relation to all the forms we contains, and to the things we call ideas. But I myself find it is more consistent to use Sami or Finnish terms as they capture the experience of them in a more direct way, referring to them in their widest sense. Because if we do not find our way of describing our encounter with this, we get stuck in the ego and in its adaptation of life to its own smallness, and in the absence of an experience of a larger conscious whole, we will become authoritarian and idealistic.