the reality of the profane and the destruction of personality

Profane man is the descendant of an existence that is fed by the impulses that come to him from the depths of his being, from the growth and development of himself in the space that has been called the unconscious, and from our relation to a greater consciousness as an experience of a whole that is the result of this relation. But a purely rational man is an abstraction; a result of the demands on him that challenges the existence of this interior relation, he is never found in real life. Every human being is made up of this unconscious activity, of the challenges laid on his ancestral being, of his spontaneous experiences or teachings from within that space. Our mismanagement, or distortion of this creates tremendous contradictions in our young ones. Often with tragical results. It is about ourselves. What we do with this, and what implications that have on those who lives around us. Because everything in this world is based on this connection. Every animal, flower, tree or insect’s life. And on mans lack thereof. Being is not something which we come into, but something out of which we proceed. Just like the grass on the ground. We are an expression of it. Of earth itself, and of that depths of being from which all forms gets fed by its instructions. That is why our relationship to life is also our psychic experience of a relationship to the earth. Our mind is the mind of the earth. Without it, we have no connection to life.