the processing power of earth as a collective consciousness

The mind of the Earth, or the interior reality of our physical existence, is the highest stage of Earth’s development. A constant stream of thoughts, feelings, impressions of all kinds, and a segment of the human mind that we are related to but not shaped by our own interior personal experience. That is something everyone in adolescence knows what I am referring to. After the geosphere with rock, water, air, and the biosphere with all the living things, this is the meraphorical sphere built on the previous ones. For example, life in the biosphere needs matter, water and air, of the geosphere to be able to grow and develop, and the mind of the earth needs to be embodied in the biosphere to be able to realize itself as part of matter. So the mind of the earth can be seen as the consciousness of planetary life in itself, something that is integrating all geological, biological, human, plant and animal activities into a total, higher level of planetary functioning. A mind embodied in its own physical reality. A complete and living psychic entity that will spontaneously regulate itself, its climate, and its activity with each form of life that embodies it. Be it matters of the geosphere, or life in the biosphere, this mind interchangeably work as a coherent and evolving system, as a whole in man. It provides us with a vision of itself, its direction, and how it regulates its future. How we should tackle global challenges. Because they are always going to become social, economic, and ecological to us by this scale. This mind offers us a meaning and a purpose, as it is guiding and inspiring us towards a planetary sense of communication. A law of moral obligation that we need with our five senses to be able to sense how we can interact with it in our environment. The information and knowledge emanating from this experience is directly transferred to all of its life forms. It is the basic instructions that is telling DNA what to do. How it should balance matter and organize itself. It is what we sense as something on top of the biosphere that constantly penetrates deep into each of us, and from where its vital impulse, this mind evolves that also regulates its energy, its resources individually from within all life in the biosphere. Something that becomes the accumulated and shared learning of our collective presence. What we do in one end of the world affects what happens in another. Which makes it almost impossible to think that there are still people today who rely on individual leaders who do not pay attention to this, to the impact it has on everyone and everything else, and on the earth we live on. But the smaller mind always tries to reduce the larger mind to its own size. From an individual standpoint it is not healthy for anyone to try to make a mind the size of the earth fit into the the much smaller personal mind. It will blow up, become stratospheric, and all of its connections to earth, to individual life will get lost. This mind of the earth is a connection between all living beings, something that is centered around the sympathies found in nature between man and his experience of the terrestrial mind. It is referred to by many names. Mother earth, radien-akka, anima-mundi and the noosphere.