we are more than just waking up each morning

If we remove our consciousness, there would be no difference between us and others. Or between any form of life. In a primordial sense, held by many traditions, there is no difference between humans, animals, insects or plant life there. This view which I share, make us part of a psychic life that refers to the idea that all individual life by becoming referred to, turns into a conscious segment of a collective mind that is genetically inherited and in that way not shaped by personal experience. This experience connect us deeply to all life from within ourselves, and relates us personally to our world. Without having had this or a similar experience, we are not part of it. We are not yet born in a psychic sense. We are stuck in the ego and have no relation to life outside of it and become subordinate to a maddening wave of details that is the constant flow of life. We reduce its psychic richess to the lesser ego. To a kind of heroism, in which it try to transform everything that appears before it into an object of heroic inspiration. Which in its privatization of the content that it relates to as its world, makes it vulnerable and defensive. It will idealize itself, become insensitive and a danger to both the potential personality and to everything else around it. But every night we are figures in a metaphorical world of psychic life, and every morning we are born into a physical life where the figures in our metaphorical life then becomes a living part. Just to switch back at night again. In addition to our consciousness, we have a connection to life in a metaphorical way, whether we are aware of it or not. But its spontaneous intrusion into our lives affects it and forces us to create a relationship to it both from within ourselves and to what it has in common with the greater whole it exists in outside of us. Outside our five senses, we exist in our perceptions, where we dream all the time.