what do you hear?

Thinking of a place, person or animal as a means of our own intentions and not as a means with its own dignity is an insult to them. A violation of the whole we are a part of that we ourselves have been exposed to and then pass on because we suppress it as impermissible. We do not allow us the reciprocity of the space we share with them. Something that will strike back at you. Dogs, horses, lakes, a glade in the woods, trees, mountains and table-lands, all kinds of wildlife, moose, wolves or bears – also have the power to anticipate your thoughts and intentions. We are composed of – and encounter relationships with a source that everything relates to, equipped with their own feelings of having this relationship. In this sense, all our actions, intentions and thoughts have moral dimensions which in turn means that they also have practical consequences to us. So everything we encounter is better understood as unfoldings rather than objects of our childish or psychologically naive intentions. This means that most of our actions and their intentions have nothing to do with interactions to insensate objects in a morally neutral empirical world. That has more to do with how disconnected we are from our senses. Rather, we participate in a world where what takes place is a mutual experience. We take place in it as it creates itself with us – or not.