we are hidden in matter and in the forces of nature

Events in a psychic context are experiences of its facts. We refer to them by how we describe them. Facts do not describe them because facts are the experience we have and we refer to them through how we describe them. This is the closest we can get to them and share them with others. But how they appear in themselves is still not what they are because they are raw experiences. In that sense, they are universal and intersubjective. That is why, when we refer to them and use metaphors for them, we get closer not only to ourselves and other people but also to the world around us. Because every person essentially exists eternally in that place, which is also the space that is visualized as our greater totality. This eternal part of us existed there before the life of us as individuals begun, and it will continue to exist there when our life ends. The relation that part of us have with this greater totality is what develops within us as a self-image quite apart from that compromise we have set up to defend it from intrusion, that is, when our social contexts threatens our psychic integrity. What changes over time are our perceptions of what this is. Its influence on us, and how it direct us, has not changed since the dawn of man. So by scientificizing it, we refer to it in a rational and contemporary way. But the experience we carry within us has always been there. “mii gullo?”, [what do you hear?].