from this life, and the other, a proceeding continuation of life as the human in humanity

In order to face life as a human experience over time, we must also have a relationship to our birth and death since what we call life is our continuation of this. It also follows that in our lives we have a constant relationship to the experience of this origin, and because of us being alive, we share it with all other life. Without a living relationship to this, we do not really experience that we are alive. We cannot perceive that we as humans over our total life span as a species develop individually in relation to this experience. That each individual life is a continuation of this. That we are part of a development of what that is. Without this experience, we cannot meet there as human beings. We can only see ourselves as detached from our human context without any relation to the experience we have in common with everyone else. We may be told that we have a certain history, what we should be, that we are this and that, but without any real explanation to why we should rely on anything of that in particular, and in what sense it relates to us as humans, that lacks authenticity and meaning. Because it usually replaces our relationship to the experience we carry within us as a human race, and its relationship to the experience we have in common with it. Problems arise when our individual lives are a discontinuation from that experience, and we cannot continue that development in relation to our individuality. In this perspective of time, we can also see, with a few exceptions, that it is precisely this interruption that has happened to us and is still happening to us right now. We have lost the importance of being learned about this personal relation to what it is we carry within us which is what develop us into human beings. It is the place that is everywhere, both inside of us and outside of us, it is what always is all the time. Death in this sense becomes the experience of not knowing when we are going to wake up, and our birth the experience of not knowing when we fell asleep. But what that also means is that we dream all the time. Although we use words like we reflect on it, we think, feel, and fantasize instead. It is from that place that we are the human continuation of what we call life.