lack of logic in experiences is missing the point

The realization of a psychic experience is always made personal by an individual, but the experience itself is not personal. The psychic revelations are personal to the one who makes them, but by explaining them we transform wordless psychic experiences into something specific, and in that context, when they are transformed, their existence as being intersubjective is revealed as they appear to us from a place beyond our ego. We then come to understand each other only by how we approximate our psychic experiences and how that existence affect on us is explained. That comparison becomes representations of what we experience. No one is right about them and everyone is wrong. It is quite strange, but regardless of how we want to express it, how we adapt psychically to our surroundings, it already exists beyond the personal level of the psyche both in form and meaning within us. It is in that sense that we are a part of everything. Because everything is in constant creation and transforms the wordless intersubjectivity beyond the ego into a context and embodiment of its content. Or we live in the materialism of the ego without participation in the life that has its own voice in all that is. Which in its absence and our sense of emptiness makes us hostile and destructive. We just approximate someone else’s experience as if it were our own and use that insight as an explanation of what it is without having had it ourselves. Or we disregard it altogether. But all we can do is affirm a psychic existence as something we try to comprehend that influences us beyond the ego.