the nonfalsifiability of that which is an invitation

The most important thing that happens when we collide with our whole, the inner verisimilitude of being, is that we suddenly go from being identical with what the ego is affected by, which until then has driven everything we do. To us witnessing the whole that it comes from and always existed in and that the truth no longer becomes just what we intellectually know, but what we experience. We ignore the raw intellectual perception we have hitherto had of the order of things, and begin to rely on the wordless truth we have in relation to the spontaneous activity that we perceive as the background that governs our existence. The pattern that follows from the source of origin within us which is common to all but not part of anyone else’s. We can not live it for anyone else. It will just become distorted. We can only live the primeval blueprint we have within us, which is ours, and acknowledge that of others in their work to formulate what it is to them. Something that, based on my own experience, is ignited by an intense visionary state. As a kind of awakening. Without it, everything is just an endless muddle, a swamp of opinions that drives people mad.