mind and life as a psychic dualism

In order to fully understand the Sami inner couple, they must be seen in both their outer and inner context, as a kind of living duality without and within of a whole that simultaneously exists as a part of us both in a physical sense and in our psychic reality. The experience we make of the larger whole we are part of is the experience of Radien-attje, the great universal principle all is enveloped by. The substance of which we are made. Like a casing around existence itself, the earth, and as our inner center he is also Maderattje, that which all our biological fathers and authorities become carriers of when we are unaware of it. It is that other within us, the form we evolve with by spontaneous realization. The source and knowledge emerging from the deeper understanding of the events we are a part of that is guiding us from the outside of the ego. Maderakka is his spouse. The inner beingness, carried by all mothers and the raw physical experience of our being as a psychic place for our second mind. Her external aspect is nature itself that embraces us in its entirety and appears to us from within as our physical connection to earth, and in her constant recurrences as the great mother Radienakka. The sun, and the sky she is part of which is holding everything together. They are the two-sided psychic representation of our biological parents in their larger context of the human psyche. Conveyed to us by our human form radien giedde and radien nieitas generating power.