we are still dancers in the suprapersonal world

I think it is common knowledge now that we rely on a mask or a persona when we interact with other people. That it becomes a struggling representative of our image of ourselves. I added struggling because I think it is something we had to learn and create for ourselves at the age of 6 or 7 when we developed in the awareness of ourselves, in the relationship to the whole we come from, and needed to adapt to the world we were about to enter as psychic beings. The importance of what happens here is that the mask we learn to apply becomes a compromise, a more or less successful self-image in our relationship with the outside world. But I think it’s a distorted version of its original meaning. I imagine that masks were used ceremonially to maintain and strengthen the relationship we have to the psychic forces that operate within us, to show them to us and give them a face. Much like religions try to create a rational approach to what happens to us but in writing instead of with ceremonial masks. The difference is that with masks, our mental heritage are still intact and not affected by ideas about them, but how they work within us and how they influence us. We do not have to compromise with ourselves in relation to them. We know how they affect us. They are our collective community. Not the self-image we have created to keep them at distance, in which absence we think people want to see us to give us access to a psychically artificial or distorted community outside our human heritage. They are our interface to the psychic world. It is in this sense that I think masks originally came into being. They make the forces that follow us all through our lives tangible and show us what it means to be human. Something we cannot read about and learn by heart, but something we have to go through to understand. That’s why masks were so important. They show us our living reality, as it turns up in our lives and make itself part of our existence without changing our origin, that which is the primordial form of who we are. Without them we will become completely dependent on the image our parents provide us with of how they appear to us, of its adaption to life, and we will live in a context of their self-images which we will stage and repeat in our relations over and over again.