our psyche has become political religion

From the point of view of our psyche, there is no difference between political Christianity and the far right because both idolize an undeveloped, punitive and authoritarian side of the experience we have of the suprapersonal psychic parental duality. It’s influence has become completely instinctive and not part of a personal expression of its transpersonal source, as it is suppressed and impulsively transferred to ideas and fantasies beyond ego consciousness so that the duality we have within us, the other side of which it depends as its original source is something the ego does not know anything about when it comes to question the image our ego have of what it is, and that will effect our relation to the parental image we share with everyone else from within. We wrestle with our self-image without knowing it and let others suffer for it over and over again. It is almost incomprehensible, if it were not for the intense sufferings it creates which we shy away from, and which we must endure if we go against the image we can no longer maintain of ourselves when this primordial duality is to be made whole by us.