our perceptions are an intermediate system of psychic practices for our senses

Historically, male oracles seem to have had in common that in visions they experienced that all living things where psychically connected to each other, and that all parts of it consisted of a psychically related network of forms and energies that constantly influenced each other. Which was from where they interpreted its inner order. In the same way, female oracles were also equally deeply connected to nature in this way, but they generally seemed to have expressed this by conveying its inherent truth and authenticity rather than conveying how these forces were connected. It seems that they applied their spirituality to psyche while male oracles applied their psyche to the spirit. Today, it seems that these boundaries completely overlap when the application of the psychic qualities required for visioning in relation to our modern forms of knowledge-seeking since people are more concerned with the ego’s independency to the visionary’s relationship of our psychic reality, and to the underlying forces that it is governed by, when it comes to illuminate our new relationship to the psychic activity that has historically been possessed by prognosticators, interpreters, and wise men and women, who conveyed the insights to us that we possess about our inner reality. A field of reality that has turned into psychology, like alchemy turned chemistry into that living individual and cosmic something inside our material reality that we now like to define by science. But this is still visioning, praying and divination. Because in this sense we are still mediators of the great unknown, although we use other words and other terms to describe it. Also, these men and woman where the ones we turned to to establish a connection to the underlying design principles of the psyche and to its interconnected relationship to life itself. They provided us with the power of its reality far from todays medicalism.