we constantly meditate to re-enter the wholeness we once lost, whether we recognize it or not

When we are in a meditative state, we train ourselves to be in the original whole that surrounds us, the one whose center is both within us and is the one that exists as a relationship to the embodied psychic space we are in. When we practice being in it, it trains us to be with it, and not to pass it on to others in an attempt to recreate it there. If we do that, it will only unite with others in such a way that it becomes a burden of the world as a personal problem that only crushes us or makes people around us feel inferior, and that creates a constant feeling of guilt around it because we may not see it as part of ourselves. So the connection we have to this sense of a whole is broken without our experience having anything to replace it with that allows us to maintain a psychic reference to it. It is the primordial insult we were once exposed to. It may once have been considered impermissible for people around us to openly relate to it, which in turn made us pass on our feelings of being offended to others, creating a vicious circle that in turn makes us see it as justified to insult and offend others. In various ways, however, we will try to recreate the psychic experience of the original whole in our relationships, which will expose those involved in them to tremendous strains, with expectations that are impossible for them to fulfill. The frustration that then builds up in them eventually causes them to explode from within, and the original insult and suffering is all that will remain in its ruins. But by allowing the whole to express itself as something we relate to on our own terms, as vulnerable as we come into this life, we help to free the world and our relationships from this frustration. We allow ourselves to rediscover our own voice, find it again, and recreate our conversation with the source that leads us from within that experience of being part of nature as a whole. We all share it, but how we refer to it is unique to everyone. It is in the state of this wholeness we experience ourselves in an embodied sense, a state that we mutually share with everything in our existence.