the normal, continuous, interplay of psychic interactions

In an old Sami tradition, we also exist in a relationship to a duality called radien-gieddte and radien-neita / saivo-neita. They were the mediating couple to the experience of a psychic whole and its constantly active flowing center of creation and creativity. But in an undifferentiated stage, or when we do not have a conscious relationship to our personality beyond the ego, we identifiy directly with what they convey, and through her we become self-absorbed, obsessed with our body-image. Her pride will really make us vain. Perhaps above all in our belief that what our senses offer is the same as our instincts. In this way though, she does not guide him to the all-pervasive source he naturally mediate. Also, as saivo-neita, she is the one who connects us to all life, human and non-human, to its spontaneous and common regularities, and to the world beyond the ego. She is the one who brings us closer to the animals, which makes us understand them as individuals in themselves, to the constant flow of relationships everyone has with everyone else there. Both living and dead. Undeveloped, our relations may instead become an end in itself. Hearings, gossip and rumors will then dominate our relationships. In the old Sami world this place was called Jabme-aimo. The underworld below this one and the world of a living psyche. Furthermore, when our self-image identifies with what radien-gieddte conveys, we become distracted, and capriciously preoccupied with everything he projects on us. We will lack a relationship to the background world and to the content our ideas have a reference to. The design that this psychic geometry of wholeness have on the spontaneous mind. But instead we make them a self-fulfilling purpose in themselves. Something the ego then personify as if it alone were the whole of our personality. Selected parts are then allowed to stand for the whole and we assume them to be something we imagine that we are. Our instincts and our ideas become almost indistinguishable from each other. We live in a state of the psychic whole we are identical with until we have undergone the inner trials that make us aware of them in connection to us, and theirs in their relationships to us independently. Both we and others who are in this undeveloped state with our inner duality will experience the relationship we have to ours and to others’ inner selves as if we are absent and distanced. We miss out on the relationships we are part of, and to an experience of a world we cannot share or recognize in others.