the primary exchange upon which all other exchanges rest

There is no doubt that there are places that inaugurate us to partake of their power and energy. These are places where these take place in us and communicate with us. We experience them in a different way. Historically, these are marked in different ways. In the mountain world, and in its table-lands, with what is called seidi’s. These forces are experienced in privacy and when we are not preoccupied with other distractions that make us unable to hear our inner conversation. When this occurs, we also begin to have an active conversation with ourselves in a way that is embraced and supported by the places that have this impact on us. Over time, this becomes natural. I’ve had it all my life. It also means that we have a need for privacy, of time both with ourselves and others to quietly let our inner voices meet others. To let it interact with the nature that surrounds us when it seeks us out. This is something that when suppressed strongly affects our psychic health. We are separated from a direct contact with ourselves and the communication we have with its source and the nature that surrounds it and provides for us. I live in a society with a culture that does not promote this. Which makes people absent in themselves and distorts how they view life around them. Many no longer see themselves as part of this important relationship, which in turn creates a circle where it encourages and creates the same relationship in others who are under their influence. We suffocate each other, and the more people who gather and distract each other, the more they lose this communication we have to our inner and outer source. It puts us in an intense tension to hang out with people who are so incoherent and bewildered in their inter-subjectivity. In the end, we call it normal, and we no longer know why we are not comfortable with the stillness we have in communicating with ourselves. In this way, some may give themselves the right to do to others what they themselves have been exposed to, and constantly tries to replace the inner voice of others with their own. Even against those who are still innocent in this sense, which may create an unhealthy and distorted form of justice in defense of our integrity.