about the fear of the dark, why it is important

Fear of the dark is something everyone has experienced. Something that recently came up in conversation and made me think about it further. Fear of the dark does not mean that we are afraid of the dark, of its content. Nor can it be explained away by the fact that someone only has a vivid imagination. Fear of the dark is something else. It means that we are afraid of that within us we are not yet ready to face. What we cannot accept in ourselves of the spontaneous psychic activity we cannot recognize as having an independent relationship to us. We refer to it with something that may represent our fear. But most often it means that we do not yet have a point of reference within us, an inner person who can convey this content to the ego that makes us refer to what it means to us and to others there. We may even cast it out on someone, or something else. We become a plaigh, an epidemic. We end up in Rota-aimo. Or we may take it upon ourselves to carry it for people who do not recognize it in themselves. Either way, it is important to us. Without it we cannot pass beyond the ego. But if we reject it completely, we lose our authenticity. The relationship we have with the inner person that conveys what exists beyond the ego. Who is also the one who enables others through this to meet us there based on the authenticity they experience in themselves in their relationship to it. Outside of this, we find ourselves in a vicious circle where we repeat ourselves and constantly criticize everything and everyone for the confusion and insecurity we ourselves feel in the absence of the relationship it has to us. It may lead us to a kind of self-preservation and a diminishing of our reality that can have dire consequences in its ignorance of that in other people, in animals and in the experience of the mutual relationship we have with nature itself. It is a huge challenge for all people to face the diminution it entails of our person and the experiences of authenticity that it conveys in the societies we see around us today. Because it will question how genuine the relationship is to ourselves, to others and to how we can relate with it to the society we are in.