we have all our individual concerns in common

We are all both individually and together part of an overall psychic whole that we interpret and try to describe by cultural means. This common background in which we also constitute the content together with the sources of origin that forms our individual experiences of it, and which together with our external senses make out how we imagine it and, when we meet others, creates a kind of innocent incongruence that is usually due to personal differences seen against this common background. It is usually not due to the raw psychic experience and the influence this extensive psychic whole has in its individual parts on us. For how we interpret them is personal. The difference lies rather in how we both individually and together with others, choose to describe them through how we experience its parts. The psyche is not only the parts of something we experience, it is also something we are in. We have created societies, but that is not what makes us civilized. Problems arise when we think that we are either the whole of this background, or identify with some of its parts that exert their influence on us because we then exclude others’ relationship to the individual influence it has on them, we then try to replace their description with our own of how the parts of that reality are experienced in the overall psychic context. We can easily put it this way; the pain and friction we experience in the struggle within us becomes the struggle we wage through others. We are waging a war against the psychic whole we are all in with the parts that make it up and we are all involved in and affected by.