one of many attempts to create a concept of a source that has also been formulated in other ways

The physicist John Wheeler said: “Reality consists of information created by observation, and this observation must be made by something conscious.” Who, or what, this observer is, and what it was that left the information to his consciousness is not so obvious. But it informs us that nothing exists without being observed. Reality creates itself from energy as it transforms information into embodied matter. He referred to this exclusively in a material sense. As a scientist, he was the one who came up with the concept of black holes, and he is trying to verify himself as the observer of the information that his consciousness received. But if we trace this information back to the source where it was first generated, it becomes a personal instinct, perceived by a consciousness that has formulated its personal relationship to something else, a kind of second center that grows by itself from the enveloping whole of which all life is a part. A kind of benign energy that flows through everything and that maintains the physical world in a constant creation act, and who transforms its psychic energy into tangible reality in all kinds relationships to life that is beeing formulated by any observer of it. Wheeler could also have formulated that himself. But the source of the information that came to be formulated within him was probably not part of his consciousness. At least it was never mentioned as part of his discovery. What I am trying to say is that we have a relationship with a second center that assists our consciousness with information that generates what we perceive as existence. In sami that source is called radien-attje. It was not a divinity, but the living source of the background information that grows in all life.