new horizons at the beginning of a quest

We live in a world engrossed in an economy governed by our companies and banks in their pursuit of a kind of consciousness whose spontaneous instinct could generate commercial benefit. But we have forgotten that the source of our consciousness is created from our personal interaction to another original sense of whole connecting us to it from within our experience of it. Something we cannot own or control. It has to be developed, which becomes clear in that it first appears in relation to an instinct in communication with a context which is beyond the personal in an existential sense. This is the “asset” we are really looking for. But it is surrounded by difficulties that we have to go through as individuals first. Alone and for ourselves. Apart from the influence of anyone or anything external in a worldly sense. Without this, we will lack moral integrity and be exposed to psychological issues. I also imagine that the decrease in innovative abilities after a certain age is due to the fact that personal psychic growth has stopped or stagnated. We have blocked ourselves from our world of psychologically meaningful instincts by not attending to them. So instead we try to squeeze water out of stone. We become superficial and prone to defence instead of uniting our growth and development with where the interconnectedness of our gut instincts and vision occurs.