we exists in us all

For a long time I have observed that what I unconsciously wanted to see of myself has been transmitted to others and that this now constantly reflects my reality in a way that exposes me to myself and makes me feel completely naked. Pulling back those strings also reinforces the psychic space I share with others in a way that makes it feel somewhat unfamiliar and new to me. I am so used to fill it out with myself only, being the only one there who inhabit it, that this space emotionally now reveals to me what I see in others of what should be my own relation to myself. I also cannot help but notice what the true reality of our relations look like in relation to that shared space of psychic life, instead of trying to control or dominate it through other people. I can no longer connect with others in a habitual way as they obviously do not have the same connections as I have to the forces that works in me. They are walking their path of life alone with the forces that act in the space of what they call beingness. Their path is not mine. And what is formulated for me in my space is not theirs. I have yet to find a likeness to mine. I have some clues. But for now, I just have to stop confusing mine with others.