the daily awareness of hidden ceremonials

I have always had rituals. Or personal sessions with nature created by nature itself. Which is natures own staged settings for its communication with me. In them, there is a kind of ceremonial for the flow of my connections to the hidden sources of meaning behind the knowledge in my continuous experiences. It is to keep them open when they appear, and to be able to work with them, to cultivate their information. Because of their mingling of my senses I cannot grasp their original or raw content immediatley. So I have this practice of acting as a psychosynthetical vessel for these moments where another kind of clear thought is expressed by nature, and in which my experiences are something like an imagined part of that existence. I try not to separate out any specific disciplines of knowledge from my relation to these moments of emergent meaning, since it is just life as it appears to me. This is something I have wondered about with people around me my entire life. Because most people like to imagine the same things about it over and over, and just follow the current established thought patterns. They are still going through the same primordial rituals though, but without the original connections to its sources. This collective source of consciousness then forces us to separate ourself from how we get to know things, and we lose our personal ability to orient ourselves in reality. To something we know more about from within than from any of our usual introjected convictions or collective beliefs. Rituals are there within us to verify and establish our personal connections to the sources of life. They want us to create personal settings for them. These processes or ceremonies, are what we must have in order to keep them up for as long as we can in order for them to express their intention. It is a dialog we have with our genetic heritage. They are our working knowledge with reality.